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Mickaboo and the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
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This is a journal to tell the stories, with updates, of those members of the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill who end up in the Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue system. The birds of the wild flock end up in the Mickaboo system for many reasons. Some because they have an unknown neurological disease that makes them too dizzy to perch or fly. They get ill, are unable to keep up with the flock or to eat, fall to the ground. Some get injuries from wild animals or other ways. Some are fledglings who crash and break a wing or a leg or their spine. With all these birds, if they're lucky they're found by someone who calls Mickaboo instead of by a predator looking for an easy meal.

When the parrots come into Mickaboo, we pay for their care - often paying for them to stay in the hospital for a while until they're stable enough to leave. Then we find them a foster home where they can stay until an adoptive home is found. The birds are unable to return to the wild flock - either because they've been gone so long that the flock will no longer recognize them as a member or because they came to us as fledglings and never learned the skills necessary to survive, skills they would have learned from their parents.

So Mickaboo works to find them good homes where they can live long lives with good food, plenty of toys, and lots of love.

Tags for the different birds will be added here as they are created, along with the year they came into Mickaboo (still being updated) and their current status in the Mickaboo system:
"wild flock" (Info regarding the wild flock.)
"neurological illness" (Info on the neurological illness that affects some members of the flock.)

"Anza" 2008 (Fostered)
"Ashbury" 2008 (Adopted)
"Cassandra" 2006 (Deceased)
"Clipper" 2008(Fostered)
"Davis" 2007 (Deceased)
"Dolores" 2008(Vet-care)
"Doodle" (Adopted/Deceased)
"Ellis" 2006 (Adopted)
"Ferdinand" (Adopted)
"Fillmore" (Deceased)
"Francisco" (Adopted)
"Geneva" 2006 (Adopted)
"Grant" 2007 (Deceased)
"Gillespie" 2006 (Adopted)
"Grendel/Connor" 2005 (Adopted)
"Haight" 2008 (Adopted)
"Harrison" 2006 (Deceased)
"Heather" 2007 (Adopted)
"Hunter" (Adopted)
"Isabella" (Deceased)
"Jasper" 2007 (Adopted)
"Jackson" 2007 (Deceased)
"Jefferson" 2008(Vet-care)
"Mason" 2007 (Deceased)
"Montgomery" 2007 (Adopted)
"Paco" (Adopted)
"Parker" (not captured)
"Peter Pan" 2005 (Adopted)
"Powell and Hyde" 2007 (Adopted)
"Serge" (Deceased)
"Sonoma" 2007 (Adopted)
"Spice" (Deceased)
"Sutter" 2007 (Deceased)
"Tara" 2006 (Deceased)
"Taylor" (Deceased)
"Washington" (Deceased)
"Willow" 2006 (Adopted)

For more information about the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, please visit Mark Bittner's website. To learn more about fostering or adopting a member of the flock (or any other rescued bird) please go to Mickaboo's website.

You can get "Mickaboo and the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" items at our Cafepress store. All proceeds from sales at that store go directly to helping birds that Mickaboo rescues.

You can also donate directly to Mickaboo online through the "Network for Good" - there is a link to the correct page on the Mickaboo website (homepage near the upper left, just under the blue bar). Network for Good takes 3% of your donation if it's a credit card, however I believe that if you donate using a paypal account, there is not cost to us.

Or you can send us a check. In that case it's positive that 100% of your donation goes to helping the birds. The mailing address is:

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue
P.O. Box 697
San Jose, CA 95106-0697

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