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Jefferson update

Jefferson wasn't eating and was dropping weight pretty consistently, so his foster mom took him back to the vet yesterday.

Turns out his pin (the fixture that was implanted to help his broken wing heal properly) was poking through the skin, sticking out of his wing and probably causing him great pain so that explains his sudden disinterest in food.

They anesthetized him, x-rayed and removed the wing pin. The doc said the bone is amazingly stable for such a short time but she did need to bandage it (wing/body wrap) He's adjusting to the wrap but he is eating again (phew!) The vet put him back on antibiotics and she is a bit worried about the possibility of him being septic since the pin was going right from the bone to the outside of the body (a great pipeline for bacteria to get into the blood) but, so far, he isn't showing signs of being septic.

She'll be re-evaluating him today. Hopefully he's on the mend now and won't have any more issues.

Think good thoughts for him!

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Anza update

Anza is in a new longer-term foster home now. I got this update from his foster mom today:

Anza is doing marvelously. He's eating everything we put
in front of him, just about, even the pellets and Harrison's now.

What a doll!

Now we just need to explain to him why he can't fly, which
has really confused him. :)

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Jefferson and Clipper

Update on these two:

It looks like Jefferson went through surgery for his wing just fine, and had a pin inserted to hold it together. He will be ready to go home, with pain meds, as soon as tomorrow.

Clipper may or may not have a bacterial infection or possible continuing worm infestation. Her gram stains showed very little, and blood only shows a slightly elevated white count. She'll be on antibiotics and dewormer, but may probably also be ready to come home tomorrow as well. She'll need somebody around to watch her for more seizures.


Jasper update

Last night I got this email from Jasper's adopter:

A quick note to update you on Jasper. He's starting to talk! Very exciting, his vocabulary so far is Step Up, Eagle, and he imitates us laughing. He has been mumbling so we just have to wait and see what flies out of that cute beak next.

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Clipper, Dolores, and Jefferson

Clipper, who was all healed up and ready to move to a long-term foster home, ended up back at the vet yesterday with seizures. No word yet on how she's doing today.

Last week we took in Dolores - a baby with either the worst case of baylis we've ever seen or some sort of poisoning - she's at the vet and is still very very sick. In fact the vet is surprised she's still alive, but she is showing improvement - when she first came in she was curled up in a ball and hardly moved, now she's lifting her head and is awake for a while each day. We're still not sure what her final prognosis will be, but for now we're watching and waiting.

And this week we took in Jefferson - an adult bird with a broken wing.

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Yesterday we got in our first fledgling of the season. We've named him Anza - and he apparently has a red mohawk of feathers on the top of his head. I can't wait to see pictures!

The little featherbutt seems to have flown into a building and knocked himself silly - he was easy to catch and rather woozy, I'm guessing there may be a concussion.

More news when I hear. :)

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Grey Feather Toys (www.greyfeathertoys.com) will be donating 10% of *all* its August sales to Mickaboo! Greyfeather makes fantastic, safe toys, and they have been supporters of Mickaboo for a long time.

Please support both Greyfeather and Mickaboo by shopping early and often on their site!!

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Clipper pix

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Looks like she's older than we initially thought, which would explain why she's so nippy and un-keen on being held to get her meds and be fed. However, she seems to be recovering well.

She'll need to be on heavy-duty antibiotics for 5-6 weeks due to an infection in her bone from the break, but hopefully that will all go smoothly.

We still need angel donations to help pay for her wing surgery - if you'd like to donate, please email angels@mickaboo.org

Thanks! :)

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Update on Clipper

She is a yearling, so was just born last fall, and it turns out the broken wing was a compound fracture (just one break, but the bone was sticking through the skin) that was at least a few days old since the bone was infected. The vet had to remove part of her elbow, so it may fuse.

The vet bill for her is going to be HUGE (probably well over $1,000) and Mickaboo is really struggling financially right now - if any of you would like to be part of her group of "angels" please email angels@mickaboo.org (with "Angel for Clipper" in the subject line) to offer a donation to help.

Any amount, no matter how small, would be very much appreciated - and your name (of if you prefer, the name of someone you're donating in honour/memory of) will be added to the Angels page on Mickaboo's site.

Thanks to anyone who can help out!

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New yearling came into Mickaboo's care today. In the words of our Flock Angel who got him to the vet: Cute. Tired. Broken wing.

Looks like it may be another hawk attack. We'll know more tomorrow ...